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Today we'll be driving to Karpaz which is the east of the island and is also known as the panhandle. After we depart from Kyrenia stop at 'MiniaKıbrıs' to see the miniatures of the historical sights.  Dipkarpaz is a village where even now Turkish and Greek people live together. 16AD Ayios Thyrsos Church is in our program. Karpaz is a place of 80 km with its deep bays surrounded by green and sandy beaches. 'Caretta Caretta' and 'Green- headed' turtles come and lay their eggs on these sandy beaches every June. Until 1974 the farmers living in the villages had donkeys. When the villagers became refugees the animals were let free in the wildlife. They bred in the richness of the areas of vegetation which  provided them with an environment where they had flourished. This area is priceless for nature lovers. We'll drive up to Ap. Andreas Monastery. It's the Holy place for Orthodox Catholics. While you listen to the history you'll have time to take photos, have lunch and swim in the blue waters of the Mediterranean in your free time. If you are a nature lover and want to see the panhandle of the island this tour is ideal just for you.


Price: €350        Duration: 9 hours

Capacity: 1- 4 people (ask for the group price)



* Professional guidance

* Transportation

*A small bottle of water for each participant



* The tour starts from Kyrenia. If you are located in other cities there will be an extra cost for the transportation.

* Lunch is extra 

Ap.Andreas Monastery
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