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Day 1: Airport pick up (Larnaca / Ercan) Nicosia Tour

The capital of the island is the only capital of Europe that is divided into 2 parts. A beautiful part of the city is hidden in the old town of Nicosia embraced by the well-preserved Stoney Venetian walls. In the old days, you could only enter the city from 3 Gates.  Kyrenia Gate, Samanbahce Quarter, Venetian Column, St. Sophia Cathedral, Bedesten, and Bandabuliya are some of the places that we'll visit on our tour. Buyuk Han, which is one of the nicest Kervansarays’ that was built in 16AD is attracting everyone with its souvenir shops and atmosphere. We'll sit and taste the local borek and the Cypriot coffee while I'll tell you more about it. This tour will combine the past and the present in the streets of the divided capital of Cyprus. The tour will end at your hotel in Kyrenia.


Day 2: Kyrenia Tour

The tour starts with visiting St. Hilarion Castle. Which once said that the Walt Disney production of 'Snow White and 7 Dwarfs' was inspired. Our second stop will be at 'Bellapais Abbey '. This building is a masterpiece of Gothic art and the most beautiful one in the Near East. The next stop will be at 'Kyrenia Castle'. This castle was built during the Byzantine Period in the 8th century due to Arab attacks. The 'Ship Wreck ' museum will be also visited in the castle. The museum exhibits date back to 2321 years and includes the ship's final cargo with the items that the sailors were using. Our last stop will be at the magnificent Kyrenia Harbor. After a short walk, you can drink a coffee and enjoy the scenery.


Day 3: Famagusta Tour and drop off at the airport (Larnaca /Ercan)

Today we drive to Famagusta. St. Barnabas Monastery and the Tomb of St. Barnabas will be visited. Barnabas was one of the Saints who had spread Christianity with St. Paul.  Salamis Ruins dates back to 11BC. It was one of the oldest Kingdoms in Cyprus until 7AD. Gymnasium, Roman baths are some of the sights that you will see while you listen to its amazing history. Where is Arsinoe? When did it become Famagusta? This Medieval city is surrounded by walls. St. Nicholas Cathedral, Venetian Palace are the few sights that you'll visit. What did the Ottomans do when they took over from Venetians? You will learn about the history while you get to take photos of this amazing place. We cannot leave the city before tasting Turkish desserts such as baklava. If you have not tried yet you do not know what you are missing. The last stop of the day will be Varosha which is known as Ghost Town. Are there any ghosts around? The tour will end at the airport.


The price is: €800 (for 2 people)

Includes: Airport pick up / drop off

-Tours mentioned in the program

-Professional guidance

-Every day a small bottle of water

- BB 1DBL Accommodation in a boutique hotel in Kyrenia


Excluded: Lunch and supper

Entrance tickets for historical sites


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