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One of the top reasons for visiting Cyprus is the incredible weather on the island. The summer months are warm and dry so it's perfect for enjoying the island's many beaches. The blue Mediterranean water is clean and ideal to swim. In winter you'll find the weather is warmer when compared with most parts of Europe. Troodos mountain is ideal for skiing from December -  February usually. For many people, this makes Cyprus the ideal holiday destination all year round.


The people of the island are known for being the world’s friendliest and most hospitable people. Cypriots are always welcoming and happy to help you with a smile on their faces saying  'hosgeldiniz', 'kalosorite' or 'welcome' as the official language of the island which is Turkish, Greek, and English.


Cypriot food is world-famous –  'Hellim' in Turkish, 'Halloumi' in Greek, 'Kofte' in Turkish, 'Koftedes' in Greek, 'Dolma' in Turkish, and 'Dolmades' in Greek and 'Kebap'  are only some of the Cypriot dishes. You can also taste the local sweet red wine 'Commandaria' or 'Ouzo'. 'Cypriot Coffe' served with a glass of water is also traditional, but why with a glass of water on the side? Don't forget to ask your guide the reason for your visit and do not leave the island without having a cup of Cypriot coffee.


Cyprus has a unique history and culture as many civilizations had passed thru decades. Byzantine, Lusignan, Venetian, Ottoman, and English are some of these civilizations.


Where ever you go on the island you come up with the name of Goddess Aphrodite(Venus).  The legend is that the goddess of love once had risen from the waters of Aphrodite's Rock in Paphos. For the best experience, drive there to take in the breathtaking scenery and have a swim as many people do. It is said that once Walt Disney's production of 'Snow White and 7 Dwarfs' had inspired by the Castle of St. Hilarion which is located in the Kyrenia Mountains when he wrote his book. Leonardo da Vinci never came to Cyprus but he had ordered a table cloth from Lefkara village. They made a special design and named it after him. If you ever go to the Cathedral in Milan you can see the lacework of 'lefkaridi' being exhibited there. William Shakespeare had inspired by the Othello Tower and its history. He wrote his play which has the same name  'Othello'. Lawrence Durell came to Cyprus and stayed in Bellapais village( Kyrenia) in 1953 and wrote his book 'The Bitter Lemons of Cyprus'.


Aphrodite's Rock.jpg

* Walt Disney had inspired by St. Hilarion Castle in Cyprus when he wrote his book 'Sleeping Beauty and 7 Dwarfs'.

* One of the oldest shipwrecks dates back to 300BC and is exhibited in the 'ShipWreck Museum' of Kyrenia Castle.

* 'Tulipa Cypria' and 'Ophris Kotchi' are the 19 other endemics that can only be found in N.Cyprus.

* In Cyprus there are 128 flora endemics.19 of them are in N. Cyprus, 69 in the Republic of Cyprus and 40 of them are on both sides.

* Lawrence Durell wrote 3 books in his life on 3 different islands that he stayed in. One of his books is called 'Bitter Lemons of Cyprus' and he wrote it while he was in Cyprus in 1953.

* Roman Emperor Julius Ceasar's commander Marcus Antonious had given the island to his lover the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra as a gift.

* One of the local Cypriot drinks which are called 'Brandy Sour' was specially made to Egyptian King Faruk when he visited Cyprus in 1947.

* 2 different turtle species which are known as 'Caretta Caretta' and 'Green Headed' come and lay their eggs in certain areas of Cyprus in May- June.

* Margaret McKenzie Mcalpine at the age of 104 did paragliding from St. Hilarion and has the Guinness World record.

* 97%of Salamis Ruins are still remaining under the sea or sand.

* Lefkara Lace is included in the World Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

* Cyprus lies between the main migratory flyways for birds passing Africa-Europe. 380 different species have been recorded for Cyprus.

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