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Are you looking for a place that has sea, sand, cultural history and a little bit of fun? If so, it seems like you know full well where to go for the best holidays: NORTH CYPRUS!! Congratulations by taking a peek at my profile and watching my introduction video you have just been entitled to an amazing experience during your stay in Cyprus. As I am sure you know from your past experiences, it's the people next to you that make or break a great trip! That's why you need to make sure that you are accompanied by the best tour guide you can possibly have. One who is well educated, very knowledgeable, always punctual, very helpful, resourceful, with a great sense of humor and of course, a big smile on her face. See how lucky you are? You have already found the one!
Let me explain to you in more detail why I definitely am the one.
Because to be able to make the most of your trip abroad, you need someone who can be a mirror of the culture you want to explore. You need someone who is glocal, meaning someone with the possession of global knowledge and at the same of local expertise. You need someone who can adapt her schedule to yours. Last but not least, you need someone for whom smiling and being positive is modus vivendi. The good news is that you are definitely at the right address for all that. My name Sirin meaning sweet and smiling. I am grateful to my parents for giving me this name as it's just the perfect name for me. I finished high school in New York and pursued undergraduate studies in English Language&Literature at Istanbul University. When I completed my studies I had something different in mind for a profession. As I have seen many countries in my life it was very easy for me to help people make decisions about their holidays. It was in 1991 when I took courses and became a professional tour guide from the Turkish Cypriot Tour Guides Association. After investing about 30 years to travel agency management we parted ways with my former husband and I decided that I would like to dedicate myself solely to the joy of guiding people out in the field instead of spending precious time in confined office buildings. I have found my true calling guiding individuals and groups as a freelance guide.
I can be serious with the serious, funny with the funny, old with the old, a child with the child, and fun with all. Rest assured. The biggest assurance for that is my past customers, some of whom keep coming back to do the same tours again and again just because they truly enjoy them. Because they always like discovering the new and the hidden. They know that I love keeping myself constantly updated about what's new and fun to do in Cyprus. Everyone knows that I have a great curiosity about the interesting facets of Cypriot life.
Trust me- You don't need someone who can book you a table at the most popular restaurant in town- anyone can do that! You need someone who knows to book where the kitchen is the cleanest or where the ingredients are the freshest. Someone who knows a restaurant that grows their own organic products or simply where the locals go for the best local menu.
You can find various tour programs on my page but these programs can also be tailor-made. A day trip or maybe a week trip. I can create tours and events for individuals, corporate and groups - All you have to do is JUST ASK!
Are you having difficulties deciding about the tours you want to take or not sure about a hotel reservation? Just send me a message and I'll get back to you within a couple of hours.
From its earliest days, Cyprus has been a bustling hub of civilizations that welcomed other cultures with open arms, just like myself, ready to welcome you! Now is your chance to learn more about the lovely Mediterranean island, including its rich history and unique social mosaic from a very special local expert. If I were you I wouldn't postpone the chance. So what are you waiting for?????

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